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    Your Global Environment Manager. ​Enabling a new level of control, flexibility, cost savings and oversight ​in integration and automation.

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​How can we help you today?

​Hotel Operators

See real cost savings through our intelligent and automated energy management solutions. Bring your guests a new level of convenience, personalization and safety with contactless room control using their own smart device. All through a simple link received at check-in and automatically deactivated at check-out.

​Facility Managers

Gain actionable insights into your daily operations with granular historical data tracking and visualization. Enjoy peace of mind with our proactive monitoring and alerting that can trigger by any metric in the system. Flexible notification routing ensures that problems are detected quickly and the right people are involved.

​Property Managers

Optimize your energy usage and lower costs by being able to see exactly how and when various aspects of the system are used. By taking the guesswork out of the equation you can make informed decisions . Leverage occupancy and usage reports to maximize efficiency without compromising the guest experience.

​Property Owners

GEM was engineered to be the most powerful and flexible control system ever built. It allows maximum return on investment by integrating with almost any existing equipment that other control products typically require replacing with proprietary hardware that is designed to become obsolete quickly. Built using modern web standards, be assured that GEM will remain the heart of your control system for years to come.


Are you ready for a complete integration experience? GEM empowers integrators with a fully functional self-building UI out of the box. No programmer needed. You also have the ability to develop a completely custom UI using the integrated designer which lets you build powerful widgets using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript with complete access to your data and controls through the GEM client API.

​I.T. Managers

Because GEM is built entirely upon web technology, you as an I.T. manager have full control over how to secure it and delegate access. It runs on any Linux server, physical or virtual, and fits in nicely with your existing infrastructure. No more putting a black box on your network and hoping for the best. Allow secure access through the GEM Cloud Connector which lets users access and control GEM  from anywhere in the world.