GEM is a new paradigm in control and integration

Current control solutions on the market are closed by design to ensure maximum vendor lock-in and minimum flexibility. This means that you will continue to spend money over the entire life of the system and that even small changes will typically require programmer intervention. With its configuration-first design, GEM ships with a self-building user interface but also allows for complete customization with the included UI designer. The admin interface allows you to make changes quickly and easily without involving the I.T. department. GEM is your future-ready, cost-effective control and integration solution.

  • Provides a consistent user interface experience across all of your properties

  • Enables complete integration by bringing all of your devices and media into a single intuitive interface

  • Accessible from any devices with a modern web browser and no client licensing fee

  • The user interface is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop automatically

  • Includes secure and seamless remote access from anywhere without a VPN

  • Doesn't require a large investment in fast-depreciating proprietary hardware

  • Gain complete control and visibility over your system through the powerful admin interface

  • Powerful scheduling and triggering enables intelligent energy management and automation

  • GEM integrates with almost any device for maximum ROI of existing equipment

  • Easily track historical values such as setpoints, temperatures, light levels and more

  • Proactive device monitoring allows you to discover issues before they become problems

  • Designed to be supported remotely, most issues can be resolved quickly without being on-premises