What we do

Harness Automation was founded upon 30 years of combined experience providing technical services in demanding environments. We pride ourselves on meeting today's challenges with reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions that abstract away complexity and enable our clients to focus on what's really important to them.

Control and Automation

From small offices to estate-wide control systems, our software engineering background allows us to integrate with any device out there, giving you a consistent and reliable user experience. With advanced logic and scheduling capabilities, GEM can be an important tool for comfort, security and energy management. 

Network and Infrastructure

A reliable network is the backbone of modern digital life and a mandatory foundation for success. We have spent decades designing and building global networks that include rock-solid wireless and secure remote access solutions. We can give your team seamless access to what they need without complex and unreliable VPN clients. 

Software and Security

Our managed I.T. services provide installation, support and maintenance for everything your team needs to get the job done. Stay ahead of the threat through automated antivirus and system patching. Foil would-be ransomware with hourly incremental backups that are encrypted at rest on secure remote cloud storage. 

Audio and Video

We provide solutions for distributed audio and video, conference rooms, teleconferencing and remote conferencing. Today's workforce can be spread out across time zones and the better your team can communicate, increases the chance of success for your business. Share ideas through our crystal clear audio and video solutions.